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Lama Chopa - Guru Puja

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 Posted by Ranjeet Tamang

Instantaneous Arising

1. Dhe-chen ngang-lay rang-nyi la-ma-lha

gang-der sal-way ku-lay o-zer-tsog

chog-chur trur-pay nur-chu jin-lab-pay

dak-pa rap-jam ba-zhik yon-ten-gyi

ko-pay khye-par p'un-sum tsok-par-gyur

Refuge and Bodhimind

2. Rap-kar ge-sem chen-po ngang-nyi-nay

dhag-dang kha-nyam ma-gen sem-chan-nam

deng-ne ji-si jang-chub nying-po-bar

la-ma kon-chog-sum-la kyap-su-dro





3. Ma-sem-chen kun-gyi dhun-gyi-chir

dhag-nyi la-ma lhar-gyur-nay

sem-chen tam-chay la-ma-la-i

go-phang chog la go-par-cha (3x)

4. Ma-sem-chan tam-chay-kyi dhon-du daki

tsay-dhi-nyi-la nyur-wa nyur-war dho-may sang-gyay

la-ma-lha-i go-phang ngon-dhu-jay

5. Ma-sem-chen tam-che dhuk-ngel lay-drel

dhe-chen sang-gyay-kyi sa-la go-par-ja

dhe-yi-chir dhu-lam zab-mo la-ma-lha'i

nal-jor nyam-su lang-war-gyi-o -6

Above translation

1. From Great Bliss I arise as the Lama-Yidam. My body radiates light, transforming all existence. Everything becomes pure. Refuge and Bodhimind 2. With a radiant pure mind, I and all beings From now until we reach the heart of enlightenment Take refuge in the Lama and Three Precious Jewels.





3. To benefit all beings I will become a Lama-Yidam and lead all beings To a Lama-Yidam's supreme enlightenment. (3x) 4. For the sake of all beings I shall quickly, quickly in this very life Become a Lama-Yidam, Primordial Buddha.

5. I shall liberate all beings from suffering And lead them to the great bliss of Buddhahood. Therefore I practice the profound path Of the yoga of the Lama-Yidam. 7

Blessing the Offering 6.


Ngo-wo ye-she-la nam-par nang-cho-dhang

cho-dzey so-so nam-pa je-lay wang-po truk-gi

cho-yul-dhu dhe-tong-gi ye-she khye-par-chen

kay-pay sa-dhang bar-nang nam-khay kyon tam-chay

yong-su-khyap-pay chi-nang sang-way cho-tin

dham-dzay chen-zig sam-gyi mi-kyap-pay


Generating the Supreme Field 7.

Dhe-tong yer-may lha-lam yang-par

kun-zang cho-trin trig-pay-u

lo-ma me-tog dre-bu yong-dze

dho-gu pag-sam jon-pei-tser

dhong-nga bar-wei rin-chen tri-teng chu-kye

nyi-dha gye-pei-teng

8. Ka-drin sum-dhen tsa-wei la-ma

sang-gyay kun gyi ngo-wo-nyi

nam-par ngur-mik zin-pei ge-long

shel-chik chag-nyi dzum-kar-tro

chag-yay cho-chey yun-pa nyam-shak

du-tsi gang-way lhung-dzey-nam

gur-gum dhang-dhen cho-go sum-sol

ser-dog pen-zhey u-la-dzay

tug-kar khyap-dhag dor-je chang-wang

shal-chik chag-nyi ku-dog ngo 8

6. Blessing the Offering -Translation 2


Nature pure Offerings appear Arousing bliss-void Filling space

Generating the Supreme Field … 3 7. In the space of bliss-void inseparable Amidst wondrous clouds of infinite offerings Is the tree that grants our every wish, Adorned with flowers, leaves, and fruit. At its crown, on a lion throne ablaze with jewels, You sit on a lotus, sun, and full moon, my Root Guru, Kind in three ways, the essence of all Buddhas.

8. You appear as a fully ordained monk With one face, two hands, and a radiant smile. Your right hand makes the gesture of teaching; Your left, in meditation, holds a bowl of nectar. You wear three saffron robes And a golden scholar's hat. At your heart is Buddha Dorje Chang, …4 Blue in color, one face, two hands 9

9. Dor-dril zung-nay ing-chug mar-khyu

lhen-kye dhe-tong rol-pay-gyay

nam-mang rin-chen gyen-gyi tre-shing

lha-dzay dhar-gyi na-zay-lup

tsen-pei gyen-den o-zer tong-bar ja-tsun

na-ngay kor-way-u

dor-je kyil-trung tsul-gyi zhug-pay p’ung-po

nam-dak dhe-sheg-nga

10. Kam-shi yum-shi kye-tche tsa-gyu tsik-nam

jang-chup sem-pa-ngo

ba-pu dra-chom nyi-tri chig-tong

yen-lag tro-wo wong-po-nyi

o-zer chog-kyong no-jin sang-wa jig-ten

pa-nam shap-kyi-dhen

ta-kor rim-zhin ngo-gyu la-ma

yi-dam kyil-kor lha-tsog-dhang

11. Sang-gyay chang-sem pa-wo kha-dro

ten-sung gya-tso kor-nay-shug

dhe-dhag go-sum dor-je sum-tsen

HUNG yig o-zer chak-kyu-yi

rang-zhin nay-nay ye-shay pa-nam chen-trang

yeer-may ten-par-gyur

Invocation 12.

Pun-tsog de-lek jung-nay dhu-sum-gyi

tsa-gyu la-ma yi-dham kon-chog-sum

pa-wo kha-dro cho-kyong sung-tsog-chay

tug-jay wang-gi dhir-shik ten-par-zhuk

13. Cho-nam rang-zhin dro-wong kun-drel-yang

na-tsog dhul-jay sam-pa ji-shin-dhu

chir-yang char-way kyen-tsei trin-lay-chen

khap-gon dham-pa khor-chay sheg-su-sol 10

9. Holding bell and vajra, embracing Yingchugma. You delight in the play of simultaneous bliss and void. Adorned with jeweled ornaments and garments of heavenly silk, Surrounded by a beautiful rainbow, you sit in diamond posture Radiant, and with every sign and mark. Your purified aggregates are the five blissful Buddhas, 10/11. Your four elements, the four consorts, Your senses, channels, and joints are actually Bodhisattvas The hairs of your body are twenty-one thousand Arhats, Your limbs, the wrathful protectors, Your light-rays, directional guardians, And all worldly beings are sheltered at your feet. You are encircled by a sea of root and lineage lamas, yidams, Mandala deities, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, heroes, dakinis, And Dharma protectors, Their three doors marked by OM AH HUNG. From HUNG, light rays invite the wisdom beings From their natural abodes to remain inseparable.

Invocation 12. You are the source of all happiness and joy: Root and lineage lamas, yidams, Three Jewels, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, heroes, dakinis, and Dharma protectors. Out of your great compassion, please come here to stay.

13. In nature, phenomenon are free of coming or going, Yet you appear, performing deeds of perfect love and knowledge, To suit the needs of various disciples. Great Protector with your circle, please come here now. 11



Ye-shay pa-nam dham-tsik pa-dhang nyi-su may-par-gyur

Seven Limbs 15.

Gang-gi tug-je dhe-wa chen-po-ying

ku-sum go-phang chog-kyang kay-chik-la

tsol-dze la-ma rin-chen ta-bu-ku

dor-je chen-shap pay-mor chag-tsel-lo

16. Rap-jam gyal-wa kun-gyi ye-she-ni

gang-dhul chir-yang char-way tap-khey-chog

nyur-mik zin-pei gar gyi nam-rol-wa

kyap-gon dham-pay shap-la chag-tsel-lo

17. Nyay-kun bag-chag chey-pa drung-chung-shing

pag-may yon-ten rin-chen tsog-kyi-ter

phen-dhe ma-lu jung-way go-chik-pu

je-tsun la-may shap-la chag-tsel-lo

18. Lhar-chay ton-pa sang-gyay kun-gyi-ngo

gyay-tri zhi-tong dham-cho jung-way-nay

pag-tsog kun-gyi u-na lhang-nge-wa

drin-chen la-ma nam-la chag-tsel-lo

19. Du-sum chog-chur shug-pay la-ma-dhang

rin-chen chog-sum chag-o tam-chay-la

day-ching mo-pay to-yang gya-tsor-chay

shing-dul nyam-pay lu-trul chag-tsel-lo

Outer Offerings20.

Kyap-gon je-tsun la-ma khor-chay-la

na-tsog cho-trin gya-tso bul-wa-nee

ko-lek rin-chen o-bar no-yang-lay

dhag-je du-tsi chu-shi dhal-gyi-bap 12



The wisdom and commitment beings become one. …5 Seven Limbs … 6

15. I praise you, who with great compassion bestows In an instant the three bodies of great bliss. Oh Lama, like a wish-fulfilling jewel, You hold the Vajra. May I become like you!

16. I praise you, exalted wisdom of all the Buddhas That manifests skillful means to tame us all, Enacting the role of a saffron-robed monk. Oh Refuge Protector, may I become like you!

17. I praise your abandonment of all wrong, Oh precious treasury of infinite excellence. Sole door to the source of help and happiness, Inestimable Lama, may I become like you!

18. I praise you, essence of Buddhas, Teachers even of gods, Source of the eighty-four thousand holy teachings. You shine resplendent in the hosts of extraordinary beings. Oh kind lineage Lamas, may I become like you!

19. I praise the Buddhas of every time and place, The Three Supreme Jewels, and all that is worthy of honor I emanate limitless bodies to sing with faith and devotion Sweet anthems of praise. May I become like you! Outer Offerings … 7

20. Precious lama, my Refuge and Protector, To you and your circle, I present oceans of clouds of various offerings. 13

21. Dhong-po sil-ma tring-wa pel-leg-pa

dzey-pay may-tog sa-dhang bar-nang-gang

dri-shim po-kyay dhu-pa ben-dur-yay

yar-kyey ngon-pur trin-gyi lha-lam-trik

22. Nyi-dha nor-bu rap-bar dron-may-tsog

tong-sum mun-sel o-zer tse-ga-go

ga-bur tsen-den gur-kum dri-go-pay

po-chu tso-chen kor-yuk kun-ne-kyil

23. Ro-gyei chu-dhen za-chay tung-wa-dhang

lha-dhang mi-yi shel-zay lhun-por-pung

na-tsog rol-mo je-drak ta-yay-lay

jung way dhang-nyan gyur-way sa-sum-geng

24. Zuk-dra dri-ro rek-jay pel-zin-pay

chi-nang do-yon lha-mo chog-kun-khyap

Mandala Offering25.

Je-wa trak-gyay ling-zhi lhun por-chay

rin-chen dhun-dhang nye-way rin-chen-sog

kun-ga kye-pay no-chu p'un-sum-tsog

lha-mi long-cho dho-gu ter-chen-po

dhang-way sem-kyi phul-jung zhing-gi-chog

kyap-gon tug-jei ter-la ul-war-gyi


Practice Offering 26.

Ngo-sham yi-trul yi-zhin gya-tso-ngok

si-zhi nam-kar lay-wong cho-dzay-kyi

dhap-tong gyay-pay kun-gyi yi-trog-ching

jig-ten jig-ten lay-dhe rang-zhin-gyi 14

21.-- Translation-- Four streams of cleansing nectar gently fall From magnificent vases ablaze with jewels. Blossoming trees, lovely flowers, bouquets and garlands, Cover the ground and fill the sky.

22. The heavens billow with blue summer clouds Of lazulite smoke from sweet fragrant incense. Joyful light from suns and moons, flaming lamps, And glittering jewels Dispel the darkness of a billion worlds.

23. Vast saffron, sandalwood, and camphor-scented seas Swirl out to the horizons in every direction. Nourishing delicacies of a hundred flavors Are massed in mountains of divine and human food.

24. Musical instruments of every variety Play sweet melodies that pervade three realms. Goddesses of inner and outer delights Bring objects of sight, sound, scent, taste, and touch.

Mandala Offering 25. Refuge protector, treasure of compassion, Perfect field for growing good fortune, With a mind of devotion I offer to you The mountain and four continents a million times over, All precious royal emblems and possessions, Perfectly delightful environments and beings, And a grand treasury of divine and human enjoyments.


Practice Offering 26.

Within a wish-granting sea, a vast lotus Bearing actual and emanated offerings Arisen from samsara's and nirvana's virtues Captivates all hearts. The worldly and transcendent virtues Of my own and others' three gateways brighten all places. 15

27. Go-sum ge-way may-tog chi-yang-tra

kun-sang cho-pay dri-sung bum-tro-shing

lap-sum rim-nyi lam-ngay dray-dhen-pay

ga-tsel je-tsun la-ma nyay-chir-bul

Inner Offering 28.

Gur-gum dhang-dhen zang-po dri-nge-chen

ro-gyay pel-zin gya-jay tung-wa-dhang

chak-kyu nga-dhang dron-ma nga-la-sog

jang-tok bar-way du-tsi gya-tso-cho

Secret Offering 29.

Yi-wong lang-tso pal-zin druk-chu-shee

dho-pay gyu-tsal la-kay lu-tra-ma

shing-kye ngak-kye lhin-kye po-nyey-tsog

dzay-duk gyu-may chak-gya nam-kyang-bul


30. Drip-dral lhen-kyay dhe-way ye-she-che

cho-kun rang-zhin tro-dhang drel-way-ying

yer-may lhun-drup ma-sam jo-lay-dhay

dhon-dham jang-chup sem-chog khyo-la-bul

Offering Medicine and Self

31. Nyon-mong she-gya tsa-she nay-jom-pay

zang-po men-gyi je-drak na-tsog-dhang

kyo-nye gyi-chir dhag-dren bul-lak-na

nam-kha ji-si bang-su zung-dhu-sol

Remainder of Seven Limbs

32.Tog-may du-nay mi-ge dhig-pay-lay

gyi-dhang gyi-tsel yi-rang chi-chee-pa

tug-je che-dhen chan-ngar gyo-sem-kyi

shag-shing lhen-cheh mi-gyi dhom-pa-no 16

27. --Translation---This garden is diffused with myriad fragrances of all-good offerings Is laden with fruits, the three trainings, two stages, and five paths. All this I offer to please you, precious Lama. Inner Offering

28. I offer a libation of finest tea, Fragrant, with a hundred tastes and shining saffron color, Serving as the five hooks, five lamps, and all the rest, Purified, transformed, and increased to an ocean of nectar. Secret Offering

29. I offer beautiful, magical consorts, a host of muses Born of heavens, poetry, spontaneity, Graceful mistresses of sixty-four passionate arts, Endowed with the enchanting glow of youth. Offering What Is

30. I offer supreme, ultimate Bodhimind, Unobstructed bliss and wisdom arising as one, Inseparable from the nature of all, Spontaneous, beyond expression in thought or word. Offering Medicine and Self

31. I offer an array of fine medicines To cure the afflictions of four hundred and four delusions. And I offer myself as a servant to please you. Please keep me in your service as long as space endures. Remainder of Seven Limbs

32. All negative actions that I have committed, Ordered, or rejoiced in from beginningless time, I regret and purify in your presence, And I resolve to remain alert. 17

33. Cho-nam rang-zhin tsen-ma dhang-dral-yang

mi-lam ji-zhin kye-pak tam-chay-kyi

dhe-ga chir-yang char-way nam-kar-la

dhag-chag sam-pa tak-pay yi-rang-ngo

34. Pul-jung kyen-tse chu-zin bum-trik-te

ta-yay dro-dhi phen-dhe kun-dei-tsel

kye-dhang yun-du nay-dang pel-way-chir

zap-gyay cho-kyi char-pa bab-tu-so1

35. Dor-je ku-la kye-chi mi-nga-yang

zung-juk wang-gi gyal-po za-ma-tok

dag-chag mo-pa ji-zhin si-thei-bar

nya-ngen mi-dha tag-par shug-su-sol

36. De-tar trun-pee nam-kar gay-way-tsog

ka-drin sum-dhen je-tsum la-ma-yi

tse-rap kun-tu dral-me je-zin-ching

zung-juk dor-je chang-wang top-chir-ngo Praise

37. Yon-ten jung-nay tsul-trim gya-tso-che

mang-to nor-bu tsog-kyi yong-su-tam

ngur-mik zin-pa thup-wang nyi-pei je

nay-ten dhul-wa zin-la sol-wa-dep

38. Gang-dhang dhen-na dhe-war shek-pei-lam

turn-par o-pei yon ten chu-den-pa

ma-lu gyal-way dhung-tsob cho-kiy-je

thek-chog ge-way she-la sol-wa-dep

39. Go-sum lek-dham lo-chen zo-dhen-drang

yeo-dhang gyu-may ngah-dhang gyu-she-shing

dhe-nyi chu-zung dri-dang che-khe-pei

dor-je zin-pei tso-la sol-wa-dep 18

33.--Translation-- In nature, phenomenon have no sign of inherent existence, I rejoice from my heart in the dream-like virtues That bring happiness and joy To ordinary and extraordinary beings.

34. From myriad clouds of your knowledge and love, Please shower vast and profound Dharma To grow, sustain, and prosper a moonflower garden Of benefit and bliss for limitless beings.

35. Though your vajra body knows neither birth nor death, Please stay here to help me, Manifesting the ultimate union, Without entering nirvana until samsara's end.

36. I dedicate the positive fortune here created To being cared for in life after life By my precious Lama, kind in three ways, So that I may attain the perfect union of Dorje Chang. …8 Praise

37. Source of all excellence, ocean of moral discipline, Enriched with the jewels of extensive learning, Second Buddha in saffron robes, You who keep the monastic vows, hear my prayers!

38. You possess all ten qualities that make you fit To teach the path of the Buddhas. Dharma master, emissary of all the Buddhas, Oh Mahayana master, hear my prayers!

39. Wise and patient, your three doors are well controlled. Without pretension or deceit, you understand Mantra and Tantra. Skilled in arts and teaching, you have twice ten qualities. Oh Lord of Vajra Masters, hear my prayers! 19

40. Sang-gye drang-may jon-pay ma-tul-wei

ma-rung dhul-kay nyik-dhu dro-wa-la

dhe-shek lam-zang ji-zhin ton-pa-yi

kyap-gon tug-je chen-la sol-wa-dep

41. Tup-pay nyi-ma dur-kyi nup-gyur-te

gon-kyap mey-pei dro-wa mang-po-la

gyel-way dzey-pa nye-war drup-dzey-pei

kyap-gon tug-je chen-la sol-wa-dep

42. Du-sum chog-chu gyel-wa tam-chay-lay

gang-gi ba-pu bu-ga chik-tsam-yang

dag-chag so-nam zhing-du lek-ngak-pei

kyap-gon tug-je chen-la sol-wa-dep

43. Dhe-sheck ku-sum gyen-gyi khor-lo-ni

tap-khay gyu-trul dra-wei jo-gek-lay

ta-mel tsul-gyi dro-wa dren-dze-pei

kyap-gon tug-je chen-la sol-wa-dep

44. Kyo-kyi pung-kam kye-che yan-lag-nam

de-sheck rig-nga yap-yum sem-pa-dhang

tro-wo wang-po rang-zhin chog-sum-gyi

dhag-nyi la-ma chog-la sol-wa-dep

45. Kun-kyen ye-she rol-pa lay-jung-way

kyil-khor khor-lo je-wei dag-nyi-de

rik-gyay khyap-dhag dor-je zin-pei-tso

zung-jug dang-po gon-la sol-wa-dep

46. Drib-me lhen-kye ga-wai rol-pa-dang

yeer-me ten-yoh kun-khyap kun-gyi-dhag

tog-ma ta-dral kun-zang dhon-dham-gyi

jang-chup sem-ngo khyo-la sol-wa-dep

40. ---Translation--You precisely teach the good path of the Blissful To the untamable beings of this degenerate age Unreformed by the Buddhas of the past. Oh compassionate Refuge Protector, hear my prayers!

41. Now when Shakyamuni's sun is setting, You reenact the deeds of that great Victor For countless beings lacking protection and refuge. Oh compassionate Refuge Protector, hear my prayers!

42. For us, even a single hair pore of your body Is praised as a merit field greater than all The Buddhas of the three times and ten directions. Oh compassionate Refuge Protector, hear my prayers

43. From the web of your miracle powers and skillful means The ornament wheels of your three blissful bodies Appear in ordinary form to guide all beings. Oh compassionate Refuge Protector, hear my prayers!

44. Your aggregates, elements, senses, and limbs, Are the Fathers and Mothers of the five Buddha Families, Bodhisattvas, and wrathful deities. Oh Supreme Lama, You who are the Three Jewels, hear my prayers!

45. You are the essence of ten million mandala wheels That arise from the play of omniscient pristine awareness. All-pervading Lord of a hundred Buddha families, Foremost Vajra-holder, Protector of the Primordial Union, hear my prayers!

46. Pervasive nature of all things stable and moving, Inseparable from the play of faultless, spontaneous joy, Thoroughly good, from the beginning free from extremes, Oh actual, ultimate Bodhimind, hear my prayers! 21

47. Khyo-ni la-ma khyo-ni yi-dam

khyo-ni khan-dro cho-khyong-te

deng-ney zung-te jang-chup bar-du

kyo-min kyap-shin me-tsol-way

di-dhang bar-do chi-me tar-yang

tuk-je chak-kyu zung-dzo-la

si-zhi jik-drol ngo-drup kun-tsol

ten-gyi drog-dzo bar-cho-sung-- (3 X times)

The Four Initiations

48. Day-turr len-sum sol-wa tap-pay-tu

la-may ku-sung tug-kyi nay-nam-lay

du-tsi o-zer kar-mar ting-ga-sum

rim-dang chik-char jung-ne dhag-nyi-kyi

49. Nay-sum rim-dhang chik-char tim-pa-lay

drip-she dag-ching nam-dhag wang-zhi-top

ku-zhi top-ching la-ma nyi-pa-zhik

gye-zhin tim-pay jin-gyi lap-par-gyur 22

47.--Translaton-- You are the Lama, you are the Yidam, You are the Dakini and Dharma Protector; From now until I attain enlightenment, I shall seek no refuge other than you. In this life, in the bardo, and until enlightenment, Please hold me in the hook of your compassion, Free me from the fears of samsara and nirvana, grant me all attainments, Be my constant companion, and protect me from all obstacles. (3x) The Four Initiations

48. By the force of making these requests three times, Light rays and nectars, white, red, and cobalt blue, Stream forth from the centers of my Lama's body, speech, and mind.

49. One by one and all together my four obstacles are purified, I receive the four empowerments, And the seeds of the four Buddha bodies. A duplicate of my Lama happily dissolves into me, And I am blessed with inspiration. 23

The Tsog Offering

Blessing the Offering Substances Short inner offering

50. HUNG ma-dak trul-nang ying-su dak

AH ye-she le-drup du-tsi che

OM do-gu gya-tso chen-por gyur




51. HO ting-zin ngag-dhang chah-gyei jin-lap-pei

zag-mei du-tzig tsog-cho gya-tso-di

tsa-gyu la-mei tsog-nam nyei-chir-bul


Dho-gu pel-la rol-pei tsim-zei-nay

E MA HO jhin-lap char-chen up tu sol 24

The Tsog Offering

Blessing the Offering Substances Short Inner Offering

50. HUNG Impure mistaken appearances are purified in emptiness

AH Great nectar accomplished from exalted wisdom

OM It becomes a vast ocean of desired enjoyment




51. To the host of root and lineage lamas I offer this vast feast purified by samadhi, mantra, and mudra

OM AH HUNG Enjoying these magnificent delights, E MA HO Please shower me with great blessings. 25

52. HO ting-zin ngag-dhang chah-gyei ji-lap-pei

zag-me diu-tzig tsog-cho gya-tso-di

yi-dam lha-tsog khor-chay nyei-chir-bul


ho-gu pel-la rol-pay tsim-zay-nay

E MA HO ngo-drup char-chen up-tu-sol

53. HO ting-zin ngag-dang chah-gye jhin-lap-pei

zag-me du-tzig tsog-cho gya-tso-dhi

kon-chog rin-chen tsog-nam nyei-chir-bul

OM AH HUNG do-gu pel-la rol-pay tsim-zay-nay

E MA HO dham-cho char-chen up-tu-sol

54. HO ting-zin ngag-dang chah-gye jhin-lap-pei

zag-me du-tzig tsog-cho gya-tso-dhi

kha-dro cho-kyong tsog-nam nyey-chir-bul

OM AH HUNG dho-gu pel-la rol-pay tsim-zay-nay

E MA HO trin-le char-chen up-tu-sol

55. HO ting-zin ngag-dang chag-gye jhin-lap-pay

zag-me du-tzig tsog-cho gya-tso-dhi

ma-gyur sem-chen tsog-nam nyei-chir-bul

OM AH HUNG dho-du pel-la rol-pei tsim-zay-nay

E MA HO trul-nang dug-ngel zhi-gyur-chik

Offering to the Vajra Master

56. E MA HO tsog-kyi kor-lo-che

du-sum de-sheg sheg-shu-te

ngo-drup ma-lu jung-wei-nay

de-tar she-nay pa-wo-che

nam-par tok-pei sem-bor-nay

tsog-kyi khor-lor gyun-du-rol A LA LA HO 26

52.---Translations--- To the Yidams and their entourage I offer this vast feast Purified by samadhi, mantra, and mudra. OM AH HUNG Enjoying these magnificent delights, EM A HO Please shower me with great attainments.

53. To the host of the Three Precious Jewels I offer this vast feast Purified by samadhi, mantra, and mudra. OM AH HUNG Enjoying these magnificent delights, E MA HO Please shower me with holy Dharma.

54. To the host of Dakini and Dharma protectors I offer this Vast feast Blessed by samadhi, mantra, and mudra. OM AH HUNG Enjoying these magnificent delights, EM A HO Please shower me with great deeds of virtue.

55. To the host of all sentient beings I offer this vast feast Blessed by samadhi, mantra, and mudra OM AH HUNG Enjoying these magnificent delights, EM A HOMay suffering and ordinary perception end. Offering to the Vajra Master

56.E MA HO Great collection of offerings! Great hero, by following the path of the Blissful Buddhas, You have become the source of all attainment, Enjoy forever the collection of this offering! A LA LA HO 27

The Master's Reply

57. OM dor-je sum yeer mei-pei-dhag

rang-nyi la-ma lhar-sel-nay

AH zag-mey ye-she du-tsi-dhi

HUNG jhang-chup se-lay yo-me-par

lu-nay lha-nam tsim-chir-rol


Dakini Song

58. HUNG: de-zhin shek-pa tam-che-dhang

pa-wo dang-ni nel-jor-ma

kan-dro dhang-ni kan-dro-ma

kun-la dhag-ni sol-wa-dhep

dhe-wa chog-la gye pei heruka

dhe-we rap-nyo ma-la nyei-ji-ney

cho-ga zhin-dhu long-cho pa-yi-ni

lhen-key di-wei jor-wa la-zhuk-so


dri-me kan-dro tsog-nam-kyi

tse-we zig-la lay-kun dzo

59. HUNG: de-zhin shek-pa tam-che-dhang

pa-wo dhang-ni nel-jor-ma

kan-dro dhang-ni kan-dro-ma

kun-la dhag-ni sol-wa-dep

dhe-wa chen-po yee-nee rap-kyo-pay

lu-ni kun-tu yo-wei gar-gyi-ni

chag-gyei pe-mar rol-pei dhe-wa-che

nel-jor ma-tsog nam-la cho-par-dzo


dri-me kan-dro tsog-nam-kyi tse-we zig-la le-kun-dzo 28

The Master's Reply

57. OM I arise as the Lama-Yidam, Inseparable from the three vajras.

AH with unshakable bodhimind I enjoy this pure wisdom feast To delight the deities in my body.


Dakini Song

58. HUNG: Oh Transcended Ones, Heroes, Yoginis, Dakas and Dakinis, All of you, hear my prayers! Heruka, delighting in supreme bliss, Adore the Dakini entranced by bliss! A LA LA LA LA HO AH IH AHA AH RA LI HO Oh host of stainless Dakinis, Look on with love and give all accomplishments.

59. HUNG: Oh Transcended Ones, Heroes, Yoginis, Dakas and Dakinis, All of you, hear my prayer! Mind ecstatic with great bliss, Body in passionate dance, I offer to hosts of yoginis The play of great bliss in the mudra lotus. A LA LA LA LA HO AH IH AHA AH RA LI HO

Oh host of stainless Dakinis, Look on with love and accomplish all good deeds. 29

60. HUNG: de-zhin shek-pa tam-che-dhang

pa-wo dhang-ni nel-jor-ma

kan-dro dhang-ni kan-dro-ma

kun-la dhag-ni sol-wa-dep

yi-wong zhi-wei nyam-kyi ga-ze-ma

rap-gye gon-po-kyo

dang kan-dro tsog

dhag-gi dhun-dhu zhug-te jin-lap-la

lhen-kye dhe-chen dhag-la tsel-du -sol


dri-me kan-dro tsog-nam-kyi

tse-we zig-la le-kun-dzo

61. HUNG: de-zhin shek-pa tam-che-dang

pa-wo dhang-ni nel-jor-ma

kan-dro dhang-ni kan-dro-ma

kun-la dhag-ni sol-wa-dep

dhe-chen tar-pai tsen-nyi den-pa-kyo

dhe-chen pang-pei ka-thup dhu-ma-yi

tse-chig drol-war me-shay dhe-chen-kyang

chu-kyi chog-gi u-na net-pa-yin


dri-me kan-dro tsog-nam-kyi tse-we zig-la le-kun-dzo

62. HUNG: de-zhin shek-pa tam-che-dhang

pa-wo dhang-ni nel-jor-ma

kan-dro dhang-ni kan-dro-ma

kun-la dhak-ni sol-wa-dep

dham-gyi u-su kyi-pei pema-shin

chak-lay kye-kyang chak-pe kyon-ma-go

nel-jor ma-chog pe-mei de-wa-yi

si-pei ching-wa nyur-du drol-war-dzo


dri-me kan-dro tsog-nam-kyi tse-we zig-la le-kun-dzo 30

60. ---Translation---HUNG: Oh Transcended Ones, Heroes, Yoginis, Dakas and Dakinis, All of you, hear my prayer! Oh enchanting and peaceful dancer, Joyful Protector and Dakini host, Please come before me to bless me! Grant me spontaneous great bliss! AH LA LA LA LA HO AH IH AHA AH RA LI HO Oh host of stainless Dakinis, Look on with love and accomplish all good deeds.

61. HUNG: Oh Transcended Ones, Heroes, Yoginis, Dakas and Dakinis, All of you, hear my prayer! You whose very nature is great bliss freedom, Never say one attains freedom in a single life By abandoning great bliss for ascetic ordeals! Great bliss is found in the supreme lotus! In the perfect lotus with six signs.

AH LA LA LA LA HO AH IH AHA AH RA LI HO Oh host of stainless Dakinis, Look on with love and accomplish all good deeds.

62. HUNG: Oh Transcended Ones, Heroes, Yoginis, Dakas and Dakinis, All of you, hear my prayer! As a lotus arises out of the mud, This great bliss of the supreme yogini's lotus Is born from attachment, yet untainted by it. May it swiftly free me from samsara's chains! AH LA LA LA LA HO AH IH AHA AH RA LI HO Oh host of stainless Dakinis, Look on with love and accomplish all good deeds. 31

63. HUNG: dhe-zhin shek-pa tam-che-dang

pa-wo dhang-ni nel-jor-ma

kan-dro dhang-ni kan-dro-ma

kirn-la dhag-ni sol-wa-dep

drang-tzig jung-nei nam-kyi drang-tsi-chu

bung-we tsog-kyi kun-nei tung-wa-tar

tsen-nyi trug-dhen tso-kyi gyei-pa-ye

chu-cheng pa-yi ro-yei tzim-par-dzo AH LA LA LA LA HO AH IH AHA AH RA LI HO

dri-me kan-dro tsog-nam-kyi

tse-we zig-la le-kun-dzo

Seeking Realization on the Path to Enlightenment

64. Zhing-chog dham-pa je-tsun la-ma-la

cho-ching gu-pe sol-wa tap-pey-thu

dhe-lek tsa-wa gon-po khyo-nyi-kyi

gye-zhin je-su zin-par jin-gyi-lop

65. Len-chik tsam-shik nye-pei del-jor-dhi

nye-ka nyur-du jig-pei tsul-tok-nay

dhon-mey tse-di ja-way mi-ying-war

dhon-dhen nying-po len-par jin-gyi-lop 32

63. ---Translation---HUNG: Oh Transcended Ones, Heroes, Yoginis, Dakas and Dakinis, All of you, hear my prayer! As swarms of bees’a drink deeply Of honey's essence in the nectar flower, May I be blissfully satisfied with the taste of essence In the perfect lotus with six signs. AH LA LA LA LA HO AH IH AHA AH RA LI HO Oh host of stainless Dakinis, Look on with love and accomplish all good deeds. Seeking Realization on the Path to Enlightenment

64. Precious Lama, supreme field of good fortune, Root of all goodness and joy, my Protector, By the power of my offerings, respect, and prayers, Gladly bless me with your care.

65. Knowing that life's liberties and opportunities Are found but once and quickly lost Inspire me to grasp life's essential meaning And not be distracted by pointless activities. 33

66. Ngen-song dhug-ngel bar-wei me-jik-nay

nying-nay kon-chog sum-la kyap-dro-zhing

dik-pong ge-tsog ta-dag drup-pa-la

tson-pa lhur-len je-par jin-gyi-lop

67. Lay-dang nyon-mong ba-long drak-tu-truk

dhuk-ngal sum-gyi chu-sin mang-po-tser

ta-mey jig-rung si-tso chen-po-lay

tar-do shug-drah kye-war jin-gyi-lop

68. Zo-ka tson-ra dra-wei khor-wa-dhi

ga-we tsel-tar tong-wey lo-pang-nay

lap-sum phag-pai nor-gyi dzo-zung-te

tar-pei gyel-tsen zin-par jin-gyi-lop

69. Nyam-tak dro-wa di-kun dhag-gi-ma

yang-yang drin-gyi kyang-pei tsul-sam-nay

dhug-pei bu-la tse-wei ma-shin-du

cho-min nying-je kye-war jin-gyi-lop

70. Duk-ngel tra-mo tsam-yang mi-dho-ching

dhe-la nam-yang chog-shey mey-par-ni

dag-dang shen-la kye-par yo-min-shay

shen-dhe ga-wa kye-par jin-gyi-lop

71. Rang-nyi che-par zin-pei chong-ne-di

mi-dho duk-ngel kye-pei gyur-tong-nay

lay-len dey-la khon-du zung-je-te

dag-zin dhon-chen jom-par jin-gyi-lop

72. Ma-nam che-zung de-la go-pei-lo

ta-yay yon-ten jung-wei gor-tong-nay

dro-wa dhi-dha dhag-gi drar-lang-kyang

sog-lay chei-par zin-par jin-gyi-lop 34

66. -----Translation---Aghast at the searing blaze of suffering in the lower realms, I take heartfelt refuge in the Three Jewels. Inspire me to intensify my efforts To practice virtue and abandon vice.

67. Violently tossed by waves of addiction and karma, Devoured by three sea-dragon sufferings, Inspire me to develop the fierce determination to be free From this endless fearsome ocean of existence.

68. Having ceased to view this unbearable prison Of cyclic existence as a pleasure grove, Inspire me to raise the victory banner of freedom, By practicing the Three Higher Trainings, The treasure of extraordinary beings.

69. Recognizing that all suffering beings are my mothers, Who have raised me in kindness again and again, Inspire me to develop authentic compassion, Like a mother's love for her only child.

70. No one wants even the slightest suffering, Or is ever content with the happiness they have; In this we are all alike. Inspire me to find joy in making others happy.

71. Seeing that the chronic disease of self-cherishing Is the cause of my unwanted suffering, Inspire me to put the blame where blame is due And vanquish the great demon of clinging to self.

72. Cherishing beings and securing their happiness Is the gateway that leads to infinite excellence. Inspire me to hold others more dear than my life, Even when I see them as enemies. 35

73. Dhor-na ji-pa rang-dhon kho-na-dhang

tup-wang shin-dhon ba-shig zey-pa-yi

kyon-dhang yon-ten yer-wa tog-pei-lo

dhag-zhan nyam-je nu-par jin-gyi-lop

74. Rang-nyi chei-zin gu-pa kun-gyi-go

ma-nam chei-zin yon-ten kun-gyi-she

day-chir dag-shen je-wei nel-jor-la

nyam-len nying-por jey-par jin-gyi-lop

75. Dey-na je-tsun la-ma tug-je-chen

ma-gyur dro-wei dik-drip duk-ngal-kun

ma-lu dha-ta dag-la meen-pa-dang

dhag-gi dhe-ge shen-la tang-wa-yi

dro-kun dhe-dang dhen-par jin-gyi-lop.

76. No-chu dig-pei dre-bu yong-gang-te

mi-dho duk-ngel char-tar bap-gyur-kyang

lay-ngan dre-bu say-pei gyur-tong-nay

kyen-ngen lam-du long-par jin-gyi-lop

77. Dor-na zang-ngen nang-wa chi-shar-yang

cho-kun nying-po top-ngei nyam-len-gyi

jang-chup sem-nyei phel-wei lam-gyur-te

yei-de ba-shik gom-par jin-gyi-lop

78. Jor-wa zhi-dang dhen-pei tap-khey-kyi

trel-la gang-tug gom-la jor-wa-dang

lo-jong dham-tsik lap-chay nyam-len-gyi

dhal-jor don-chen je-par jin-gyi-lop

79. Tong-len lung-la kyon-pei trul-dheik-chan

jam-dang nying-je lhak-pai sam-pa-yi

dro-nam si-tso che-lay drol-wei-chir

jhang-chup sem-nyei jong-par jin-gyi-lop

73.---Translation--- In short, the naive work for their aims alone; While Buddhas work solely to benefit others. Comparing the faults against the benefits, Inspire me to be able to exchange myself with others.

74. Since cherishing myself is the doorway to all downfalls, And cherishing others is the foundation of everything good, Inspire me to practice from my heart The yoga of exchanging self and others.

75. Therefore, supremely compassionate Lama, Inspire me to take the bad deeds, imprints, and sufferings Of all beings to ripen upon me right now, And to give to them my happiness and virtue So that all beings may be happy.

76. Even if the world and its beings, Filled with the results of negative actions, Pour down a rain of unwanted suffering, Inspire me to take these miserable conditions as a path, Knowing that this burns away my negative karma.

77. In short, whether conditions seem favorable or unfavorable, Inspire me to make a habit of happiness, By increasing the two types of Bodhimind Through the practice of the five forces, essence of all the Dharmas.

78. Whatever happens, may I use meditation at once, Applying the skillful methods of the four techniques. Inspire me to take advantage of this fortunate life By practicing the commitments and precepts of training the mind.

79. 'Give and Take' mounted on the breath is the magic device Bringing love, compassion, and the special mind. To save all beings from this world's great ocean. Please bless me to awaken true Bodhimind. 37

80. Du-sum gyel-wa kun-gyi dor-chik-lam

nam-dhag gyel-say dhom-pe gyu-dham-shing

tek-chog tsul-trim sum-gyi nyam-len-la

tson-pa lhur-len jay-par jin-gyi-lop

The Paramitas

81. Lu-dhang long-cho du-sum gyay-tsog-cher

sem-chen rang-rang dho-pei ngo-gyur-te

chag-may tong-sem pel-wei men-ngag-gi

jin-pei phar-chin dzok-par jin-gyi-lop

82. So-tar jang-sem sang-ngag dhom-pa-yi

che-tsam sog-gi chir-yang mi-tong-shing

ge-cho du-dhang sem-chen don-drup-pay

tsul-trim phar-chin dzok-par jin-yi-lop

83. Kham-sum kye-gu ma-lu tro-gyur-te

she-shing tsang-dru dik-shing sog-cho-kyang

mi-truk no-len phen-pa drup-je-pei

zo-pei phar-chin dzok-par jin-gyi-lop

84. Sem-chen re-rei chir-yang nar-mei-pei

may-nang kel-pa gya-tsor nay-go-kyang

nying-je mi-kyo jhang-chup chog-tson-pay

tson-dru phar-chin dzok-par jin-gyi-lop

85. Jing-go nam-par ying-we kyon-pang-ne

cho-kun dhen-pay tong-pei nay-luk-la

tse-chig nyam-par jok-pei ting-zin-gyi

sam-ten phar-chin dzok-par jin-gyi-lop

86. De-nyi so-sor tok-pei she-rap-kyi

drang-pei shin-jang dhe-chen dang-drel-wa

dhon-dham nyam-shak nam-kei nal-jor-gyi

she-rap phar-chin dzok-par jin-gyi-lop 38

80.----Translation--- Restraining the mind with Bodhisattva vows Is the one path traveled by Buddhas of all three times. Inspire me to strive sincerely to practice The three moral disciplines of the Mahayana. The Paramitas

81. Inspire me to perfect transcendent generosity, Through improving the mind that gives without attachment, Transforming my body, wealth, and good deeds from all time Into whatever each being desires.

82. Inspire me to perfect transcendent moral discipline, By keeping, even at the cost of my life, My self-liberation, Bodhisattva, and Vajrayana vows, And by collecting good deeds and helping others.

83. Inspire me to perfect transcendent patience, Even if all the beings of the world Become abusive, critical, threaten, or even kill me, Undisturbed I will work for their benefit.

84. Inspire me to perfect transcendent joyous effort, By striving with tireless compassion for supreme enlightenment, Even if I must remain for many aeons In the deepest hellfires for the sake of each being.

85. Inspire me to perfect transcendent concentration, By abandoning mental sinking, wandering, and excitement, And meditating in single-pointed absorption On the true nature of reality - emptiness.

86. Inspire me to perfect transcendent wisdom, Through practicing space yoga in equipoise on the ultimate, Joining the bliss of supple ecstasy With the insight that discriminates what is. 39

87. Chi-nang cho-nam gyu-ma mee-lam-dhang

dhang-wei tso-nang dha-zuk ji-shin -dhu

nang-yang dhen-par mey-pei tsol-tok-ne

gyu-mei ting-zin dzok-par jin-gyi-lop

88. Khor-dei rang-zhin dul-tsam may-pa-dhang

gyu-drei ten-drel lu-wa may-pa-nyee

pen-tsun gel-me drok-su char-wa-yi

lu-drup gong-dhon tok-par jhin-gyi-lop


89. Dhe-ne dor-je zin-pei de-pon-gyi

drin-lay gyu-dhe gya-tso jing-gel-te

ngo-drup tsa-wa dham-tsik dhom-pa-nam

sog-le chey-par zin-par jin-gyi-lop

90. Kye-shi bar-do gyel-wei ku-sum-dhu

gyur-wei rim-pa dhang-po nel-jor-gyi

ta-mel nang-shin dri-ma kun-jang-te

gang-nang lha-kur char-war jin-gyi-lop

91. Nying-gey dhap-gyay du-ti u-dhag-tu

gon-khyo shap-sen ko-pa lay-jhung-wa

o-sel gyu-lu zung-dhu juk-pay-lam

tse-dhir ngon-du gyur-wa jin-gyi-lop

92. Lam-na ma-zin chi-wei du-jei-na

tsen-tap tsang-gya la-mei po-wa-ni

top-nga yang-dhag jar-wei dham-ngag-gi

dhag-pei zhing-dhu dro-par jin-gyi-lop

93. Dhor-na kye-zhing kye-wa tam-chei-du

gon-po khyo-kyi drel-may jei-zung-nay

ku-sung tug-kyi sang-wa kun-zin-pei

say-kyi tu-wor gyur-wa jin-gyi-lop

94. Gon-khyo gang-dhu ngon-par sang-gyay-pei

khor-gyi tog-ma nyi-dhu dhag-gyur-te

nay-kap tar-tuh go-do ma-lu-pa

bey-mey lhun-kyi drup-pei tra-shi-tsol 40

87.---Translation--- Inspire me to complete the perfection of illusion-like aftermath, Realizing that inner and outer phenomena lack true existence, Yet still appear, like an illusion, a dream, Or the reflection of a moon on a clear lake.

88. Inspire me to understand Nagarjuna's meaning, That there is no contradiction, but rather harmony Between the unfailing interdependence of cause and effect And lack of inherent existence in this world and beyond. Vajrayana

89. Inspire me to embark on the swirling ocean of tantra Through the kindness of my navigator, the Vajra-holder, And to cherish more than my life My vows and commitments, roots of my attainment

90. Inspire me to practice the first stage, the simulated yoga That transforms birth, death, and bardo into the three Buddha bodies, So that when ordinary perception and conception become pure, Whatever arises may manifest as my Yidam.

91. As you place your feet, oh Glorious Protector, At the very center of my heart's eight petals, Inspire me to actualize in this very life The paths of clear light, illusion body, and their union.

92. If my death should come before I enter the path, Bless me to reach a Pure Land Through applying the instructions on the five powers, The supremely powerful method of transference to Buddhahood.

93. From birth to birth, please bless me, Oh Protector, Never to be separated from your loving care, And, as the foremost of your disciples, To hold every secret of your body, speech, and mind.

94. Grant me the good fortune to be the first in your circle Wherever you manifest as a Buddha, And to accomplish spontaneously, without effort, All temporal and ultimate needs and wishes. 41

Short Inner Offering

95. HUNG ma-dak trul-nang ying-su dak

AH ye-she le-drup du-tsi che

OM do-gu gya-tso chen-por gyur


Short Inner Offering

95. HUNG Impure mistaken appearances are purified in emptiness

AH Great nectar accomplished from exalted wisdom

OM It becomes a vast ocean of desired enjoyment OM AH HUNG OM AH HUNG OM AH HUNG

Actual Offering to the Spirits

96. HO ting-zin ngah-dhang chag-gye jin-lap-pei

zag-mei du-tze tsog-lhag gya-tso-dhe

dham-chen shing-kyong tsog-nam nyei-chir-bul


do-gu pal-la rol-pey tsim-zay-nay

E MA HO nel-jor trin-lay tsul-shin-drup (Verses 91 to 101 are chanted very quickly)

97. HO lhag-may durn-nam kor-je-key

tsog-lag gyatso di-she-la

tenpa rin-chin gye-pa-tang

ten-zin yun-chur-kor che-tang

98. Kye-par nel-jor dhag-chag-la

nei-mei tshe-dhang wang-chuh-dhang

pel-dhang drag-dhang kel-wa-zang

long-cho gya-chen kun-tog-ching

99. She-dhang gyay-la sok-pa-yi

lay-kyi ngo-drup dhag-la-tsol

dham-tsik chen-gyi dak-la-sung

ngo-drup kun-gyi tong-drok-dzo

100. Du-min chi-dhang nei-nam-dhang

dhon-dang gek-nam mey-par-dzo

mee-lam ngen-dhang sten-ma-ngen

ja-je ngen-pa mey-par-dzo

101. Jik-ten de-shing lo-lek-dhang

dru-nam pel-shing cho-pel-dhang

dhe-lek tam-chei jung-wa-dang

yi-la dho-pa kun-drup-shok

102. Jin-pa gya-cher cho-pa di-yi-tu

dro-wei dhon-du rang-jung sang-gyay-nay

nhon-tse gyel-wa nam-kyi ma-drol-wei

kye-wo tsok-nam jin-pay drol-gyur-chik 44

Actual Offering to the Spirits

96. ----Translation---HO To the host of sworn protectors I offer this vast feast Purified by samadhi, mantra, and mudra. OM AH HUNG Enjoying these magnificent delights, E MA HO Please perform actions to benefit practitioners.

97/98. HO Remaining guests and retinues, Please enjoy this feast for you. May all Dharma teachers and their families, And especially those of us practicing here, Have health, longevity, and fortune, And attain our highest goals!

99. You who keep the commitments, Grant me attainment of the four activities, Of pacifying, growth, power, and wrath, As well as all other accomplishments.

100. Eliminate untimely death and sickness, Harmful spirits and obstructions, Bring an end to bad dreams, Bad omens and unfortunate actions.

101. May the world be in peace and the year be good. May the world have prosperity and spiritual principles flourish. May every joy and happiness come to pass, And every wish be fulfilled.

102. By the power of generosity, May I become Buddha for the sake of all beings. May all beings, unredeemed by Buddhas of the past, Attain liberation through the offerings made here. 45

Dissolving the Supreme Field

103. Dhe-tar sol-wa tap-pe la-ma-chog

jhin-gyi lap-shing gyei-zhin chi-wor-jon

lar-yang nying-gyay pay-may zay-dru-la

zhap-sen wo-chah ten-par zhuk-su-sol


104. Dhe-tar gyi-pei nam-kar ge-wa-yang

du-sum dhe-shek say-chay tam-chay-kyi

dze-pa mon-lam ma-lu drup-pa-dhang

lung-tog dham-cho zin-pei gyu-ru-ngo

105. De-yi tu-lay tse-rap kun-tu-dhag

teg-chog khor-lo zhi-dang mi-dral-shing

nyay-jung jang-sem yang-dhag ta-wa-dhang

rim-nyay lam-gyi dro-pa tar-chin-shog

Auspicious Verses

106. Si-zhei nam-kar ji-nyei ge-tsen-gyi

deng-dir mi-shi gu-pa kun-dral-te

nay-kap tar-tug ge-lek nam-khei-dzo

pun-tsok pel-la rol-pei tra-shi-shog

107. Kun-kyen lo-zang drak-pei cho-kyi-dher

lap-sum nam-dhag tse-chik drup-la-tson

nel-jor rap-jhung tsog-kyi yong-gang-we

tup-ten yun-dhu ney-pey tra-shi-shog 46

Dissolving the Supreme Field

103. -----Translation---Pleased by these requests. Oh Supreme Lama, To bless me, come to my crown with delight, And once again set your radiant feet Firmly at the center of the lotus of my heart. … 9 Dedication

104. I dedicate the pure virtues created here To accomplishing the aims and wishes Of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three times And to upholding the transmitted and realized Dharma.

105. By the force of this merit, may I, throughout all of my lives, Never be separated from the four wheels of the Mahayana. May I complete the paths of Seeking Freedom, Bodhimind, Wisdom, and the two stages of Vajrayana. …10 Auspicious Verses 106. May we attain a vast treasure of immediate and ultimate happiness, Through all the merit of samsara and nirvana, Free of troubles from now on, And enjoy the good fortune of magnificent delight.

107. May the Dharma communities of all-knowing Lobsang Drakpa Be filled with Sangha, yogis and yoginis Who strive purely, single pointedly, To practice the Three Trainings, so that the good fortune Of Buddha's teachings may long endure. 47

108. Zhon-nu du-nay la-ma lha-tsog-la

sol-wa tap-pe lo-zang drag-pa-yi

jhin-lab shuk-nay zhen-dhon lhun-gyi-drup

lo-zang dor-je chang-gi tra-shi-shog

109. Dho-gu jor-pa yar-gyi tsog-tar-phel

kyon-mey rik-kyi dhal-dro gyim-chei-may

nyin-tshen lo-zang dham-pei cho-kyi-dha

phun-tsok pel-la rol-pei tra-shi-shog

110. Dhag-soh nam-kyi deng-nay jhang-chup-bar

gyi-dhang gyi-gyur ge-wa chi-sak-pa

shing-dhir je-tsun dham-pey zuh-kyi-ku

gyur-mey dor-je tar-ten tra-shi-shog


111. Der-ni ring-du be-leh tsog-nyi ni

ka-tar yang-pa gang-zhig sag-pa de

lo-mig ma-rig gi-jong dro-wa-nam

nam-dren gyal-way wang-por dag-gyur chig

112 Der-ma son-pai tse-rab kun- tu yang

jam-pel yang kyi tze-wi jay-sung neh

ten-pai rim-pa kun-tsang lam-gyi chog

nying-neh drub-pai gyal-nam nye-jay shog

113. Rang-gi ji-zhin tog-pai lam -gyi neh

shug-drag tze-way drang-pai tab-kay kyi

dro-wai yi-kyi mun-pa sal-jay nay

gyal-wai ten-pa yun-ring dzin-gyur chig

114. Ten-pa rin-chen chog-gi ma-kyab pam

kyab-kyang nyam-par gyur-wei chog-der ni

nying-jay chen-po yi-rab kyo-pa yi

pan-deh ter-day sal-war je-par shog

115. Say-chay gyal-wai may-jung trin-lay lay

leg-drub jang-chub lam-gyi rim-pay kyang

tar-do nam-kyi yi-la pel-ter zhing

gyal-wai dzi-pa ring-du kyong-gyur chig

116. Lam-zang drub-pai tun-kyen drub-je ching

gyal-kyen sel-jay mi-dang mi-min kun

tse-rab kun-tu gyal-wai ngag-pa yi

nam-dag lam-dang dral-war ma-gyur chig

108. May we benefit others effortlessly, 48

Through Lobsang Drakpa's blessings. Since childhood, I made requests to my Supreme Lama-Yidam. May we have the good fortune of Lobsang Dorje Chang.

109. May our endowments swell like a summer lake; May we always take birth in faultless families; May we spend day and night with Lobsang's holy Dharma And enjoy the good fortune of magnificent delight.

110. Through the merit we have collected and will collect From now until we all attain enlightenment, May the good fortune of your holy form, incomparable Lama, Remain in this world, immutable as a diamond.


111. From my two collections, vast as space, that I have amassed From working with effort at this practice for a great length of time, May I become the chief leading Buddha for all those Whose mind's wisdom eye is blinded by ignorance.

112. Even if do not reach this state, may I be held In your loving compassion for all my lives, Manjushri. May I find the best of the paths of the complete teachings And may I please all the Buddhas by practicing.

113. Using skillful means drawn by the strong force of compassion, May I clear the darkness from the minds of all beings With the points of the path as I have discerned them. May I uphold Buddha's teachings for a very long time.

114. With my heart going out with great compassion In whatever direction the most precious teachings Have not yet spread or once spread have declined, May I offer this treasure of happiness to aid all sentient beings.

115. May the minds of those who wish for liberation be granted bounteous peace And the Buddhas' deeds be nourished for a long time By following the complete graduated Path to Enlightenment and The wondrous virtuous conduct of the Buddhas and their Sons.

116. May all human and non-human beings that eliminate adversity And make things conducive for practicing the excellent paths Never be parted in any of their lives From the purest path praised by the Buddhas.

117. Mig-me tse-wai ter-chen chen-re-zig

dri-me kyen-pai wang-po jam-pal-yang

gang-chan ke-pai tzug-gyan tzong-kha-pa

lob-zang drag-pai zhab-la sol-wa-deb (3x) End of the Guru Puja


117.---Translation----- May the precious beings Bodhi mind. Not yet born arise and grow. May that born have no decline But increase forever more. Homage to Lama Tsong Khapa . Avalokiteshvara, great treasure of objectless compassion; Manjushri, master of flawless wisdom; Tsong Khapa, crown jewel of the Snowy Land’s sages; Lobsang Drakpa. I make request at your holy feet. (3x) End of the Guru Puja

Protector Prayers Praise of Six-Armed Mahakala

































Inner offering (Long Form)

Tong-pa nyee-to-gyur

tong-pay nang-lay yam-lay lung-kyi kyil-kohr

wun-po shu-yi ip-tapu pa-den kyi-tsen-pa

tay-tingto ram-lay may kil-kyor mar-po to-sum-pa

tay-tingto aleh-me-go kyay-po sum-kyi

tingto aleh-chung-way tur-pa kar-po

tay nang-kyi sharto-dum-lay chung-we par-lang kyi-shar kyur-tsem-pa

lhor amlay jung-we key-shar kyu-tsem-pa

nub-tur zem-lay chung-we langpo-cher-shar ter-tsem-pa

chang-to kham-lay chung-we tay shar hey-tsem-pa

u-soh hung-lay chung-we may-char neh-tsem-pa

char-lhor lam-lay chung-we te-chen bay-tsem-pa

lhor-nup-tu mam-lay chung-way rakta-ray-tsem-pa

nup-chang-tu pam-lay chung-weh chang-sem karpo chur-tsem-pa

chang-char tu tam-lay chung-we kang-mar may-tsem-pa

we-so pam-lay chung-we ti-chu mur-tsem-pa

tay-ta-kyi ting-toe OM karpo

AH marpo

HUNG ngong-po sum ten-nay ting-toe sig-par-chur

ran-kyi tug-kay HUNG-lay o-zer-tur

long-lah pog-beh lung-yur may-bhar

tur-peh tze-nam shu-shing kol-war-gyur

yee-kay sum-lay o-zer rimpa-shin-to tur-pay

ku-dor-je sung-dor-je tug-dor-je nam kug-neh yee-kay sum-la

rim-kye tim-pa-nam tur-pa lhung-nay shu-way

HUNG-key kar-dog tri-nu-key kun-jang

I-ay duts-tser tog-par-cher

OM-kyer mang-pur bar-shing pel-war-gyur

Inner offering (Long Form) Everything becomes empty. Within a state of emptiness, from a YAM comes a blue bow-shaped wind mandala marked with banners, on top of which from a RAM comes a red triangular fire mandala. On top of that, from an AH comes a fire-grate of three human heads, on top of which from an AH comes a white skull-cup. Inside it, in the east from a BHRUM comes the flesh of a bull marked with GO. In the south from an AM comes the flesh of a dog marked with a KU. In the west from a JRIM comes the flesh of an elephant marked with a DA. In the north from a KHAM comes the flesh of a horse marked with a HA, and in the center, from a HUM, comes the flesh of a human marked with a NA. In the southeast from a LAM, comes feces marked with a BI. In the southwest from a MAM, comes blood marked with a RA. In the northwest from a PAM, comes white bodhicitta marked with a SHU. In the northeast from a TAM, comes marrow marked with a MA. And in the center from a BAM comes urine marked with a MU. On top of this are a white OM, a red AH and a blue HUM stacked one on top the other. From the HUM at my heart light rays emanate, striking the wind, whereby the wind moves, the fire blazes and the substances inside the skull-cup melt and boil. From the three syllables, light rays emanate successively, pulling back the vajra-body, vajra-speech and vajra-mind, which dissolve successively into the three syllables. These then fall into the skull-cup and melt. By means of the HUM, our faults and impurities are cleansed. The AH is transformed into nectar. By means of OM the nectar increases and multiplies. ..........


Lama Rignga

Lama Rignga

About Lama Rignga

I was born in eastern nepal called"Bhusafeda" on 1981 aug 31st.I was born as a First son to my family but before me my 2 twin sister were dead after birth.When i was 6 month's old i became sick and my parents have to take me Kathmandu for check health.From then my parents stay at kathmandu and i start my school at age of 4 untill age of 12.Monks,monasteries and red throbe always used to facinates me and my school was at Bouddha.So, i used to see many monks around there and suddenly age of 12 i decide to join monastery and ask my parent to let me go.They just agreed and i was admited at "Mahayana Buddhist Society" on year 1997.The monastery was running under the guidence of H.E. Tritul Rinpoche from Ganden Monastery.I was ordinated by H.E.Tritul rinpoche on the auspicious day of Buddha's Birthday along with 150 monks.I studied there untill year 2000 then i was transfered to "Seramey Monastic University"(The Three biggest University "Sera,Gaden and Drepung University known for highest Doctorine in Buddhist Philosophy). At there i was again trained under the Guidence of H.E Gosok Rinpoche along with many scholars.At first Seramey seems a very big monastery with Thousand monks and Great teachers and i feel it as a small village of Rinpoches,Lama's,Scholars and Monks.Seramey was like a great oppertunity for me to study further and it was the place where i come across with many tibetan people and tibetan culture before that i only know that Tibet is known as a roof of the world and TinTin has visited it.After school of seramey i joined the College for further step of Tibetan Philosophy where we have to study and debate it along with many monks.Debating was a great way to express your thought and your point of view how do you look it cause everyone's point of view is not same at all.On year 2004 i was back to nepal due to my grandpa's funereal.Same Year i was invited to do some ritual prayers for Tashi Thontaling Monastery which was located at 5 hours continue walk from our village.Only praying was actual not planned from Locals and monasteries monks.They had found their previous lama's incarnation as me.Later i was chosen the head lama of monastery and so on.Then my life changes with another phase.I had a responsiblity to look over the monastery with few littles monks there.I continue my studies at my first monastery Mahayana Buddhist Society at Kathmandu.Everything was quite good enough but in year 2005 our monastery needs to reconstruct.The walls were cracking so it needs to be reconstruct.Our monastery is like a great Pride of our village which has a very long history and it was constructed at 500 years ago so, re-construct was most needed we tried our best to get help from everywhere.Being situated at remote village it was hard to find outer sponsers.Our monastery is like a mystery to outside so first thing to do was to pull attension of Nepali Goverment to help us but at that time Our country itself was in trouble in own civil war so it was even more hard to get support.I do try by asking help in international Organisation but it was hard cause i was not a famous or reknown lama.I wasnt able to pull attention of anyone. I start to do Dharma classes in kathmandu and collect money and then someone advised me to go Malaysia Dharma Tour.On year 2005 sept 10 i left nepal and go malaysia and struggle there to find some good way to collect effort for Monastery.I used to do classes for tibetan buddhism and i join at one company as a Packing Operater and start my new career to earn some money.I stayed at Malaysia for 3 year and to be loyel i manage to earn good money that has manage to reconstruct monastery.But there was still many things to change it was not a easy.At age of 24 i enter the new phase and face many things which makes me more stronger and loyel to my religion,My intension and my Vision.Today I am at S.Korea and doing as mush as i can for my monastery,for Dharma and for World Peace.I have feel myself it is not a easy to Live a Normal life when we used to see from monastery that the lay Buddhist has.I am still struggling for not only for my monastery but for all sentient being and my only goal is to Peace.Today i am doing Dharma classes ,Tibetan Classes and Tibetan Art classe here in korea and sure i am doing part time too for my disciples and my Monastery but i am happy that i am able to do that.Being sponsered is not a big thing we have to understand how can sponser manage to sponser even after his own basic life.I cant express my thank for those millions sponser who are helping many monasteries in this field i only pray may all sentient being attain Enlightment.Thats all i am untill now and i have only one dream is "Peace to Ease,Peace through Global networking" So we can maintain love,Peace and Harmony

About Lamrim

Lam Rim (Tibetan: lam "path", rim "stages") is a Tibetan Buddhist textual form for presenting the complete path to enlightenment as taught by Gautama Buddha. In Tibetan Buddhist history there have been many different versions of the Lam Rim, presented by different teachers, of the Nyingma, Kagyu and Gelug schools. The Sakya have a somewhat similar textual form called the Lam Dre. However all the versions of the Lam Rim are based on extensions of Atisha's 11th Century root text A Lamp for the Path.
Authenticity of the Lam Rim teachings
Vajrayana Buddhists believe that the teachings of the Lam Rim are based on the sutra's that the Buddha taught near the city of Radgir in India, and that the Buddha taught the short, middling and extensive wisdom sutra simultaneously. These wisdom sutra's were taken by Maitreya and Asangha as starting point for their encyclopaedic work, the Abhisamaya-alamkara (Ornament of clear realizations) in which they emphasised the hidden meanings of the sutras. The hidden meanings are believed to be contained in the number and order of the subjects. The number and order of the subjects are vital if someone wants to put the philosophy into practice. Atisha took the number and order of the subjects in the Abhisamaya-alamkara as the basis to write the first Lam Rim text: “the lamp of the path” that therefore contains the essential points of all sutra and tantra teachings in their logical order for practice.

Three kinds of motivation
The foundational criteria of the Lam Rim is the tripartite division of practitioners, based upon the motivation of their religious activity. (Note that this division is distinct from the Triyana).

Excluded from this division were individuals whose motives revolve around material benefits within this life. Striving for a favorable rebirth is the minimum requirement for an activity or practice to be classified as spiritual.

Atisha wrote in "Lamp of the Path" (verse 2) that one should understand that there are three kind of persons:

Persons of modest motive
Persons of medium motive
Persons of high motive
Persons of modest motive are searching with all means for happiness within Samsara; their motive is to achieve high rebirth. Buddhists traditionally considered that this domain included followers of most non-Buddhist religions who strive for a rebirth in a heaven.

Persons of medium motive are searching for their own peace and abandon worldly pleasure. This includes the paths of the Pratyekabuddhas and Sravakabuddhas, the traditional goal of Hinayana practice (personal liberation).

Persons of high motive seek (based on their insight of their own suffering) by all means to stop the suffering of all beings. This is the Mahayana paths of the Samyaksambuddhas.

Subjects of the Lam Rim
Although the Lam Rim texts cover the same subject areas, the subjects are arranged in different ways.

The Lam Rim of Atisha starts with Bodhicitta, the altruistic mind, followed by taking the Bodhisattva vows, whereas Gampopa's lam Lam Rim starts with the Buddha nature, followed by the Precious Human Life and Tsongkhapas texts start with reliance to a master, followed by the Precious Human Life, and continues with the paths of the low, medium and high scopes.

Gampopa and Tsongkhapa expounded the short root-text of Atisha into an extensive system to understand the entire Buddhist philosophy. In this way, subjects like karma, rebirth, Buddhist cosmology, the practice of meditation, up to and including tantra are gradually explained in logical order.

The most common used outline for Lam Rim teachings today is that of the book Liberation in the Palm of your Hands
by Pabonkha Rimpoche. below you find an abbreviated and annotated outline to show the importance of the structure of the Lam Rim

1) the greatness of the author of the Lam Rim, to establish the authenticity of the teaching
2) the greatness of the Lam Rim itself, to gain respect for it
3) the way the instructions are to be received and given
4) the way the students are to be guided through the subjects

this forth subject has two divisions:
1) the way to rely on a spiritual guide
2) the way to train your mind on the basis of the correct way to rely on the spiritual guide

This last heading contains the rest of the instructions under the headings:
- the way to encourage yourself to take the essence of this precious human rebirth
- the way to take the essence of this precious human rebirth
(that is: training your mind in the paths of the three scopes included within the Lam Rim)

The path shared with persons who have the modest scope motivation (striving for a rebirth in the upper realms)

- the reality that this life will end and that you will die
- the suffering in a rebirth in the lower realms (a rebirth as hell being, hungry ghost or animal, which you want to avoid)
- (so you) take refuge to the three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha
- (and adjust your behaviour of body, speech and mind according to the) law of cause and effect/ karma

which will lead you to a favourable rebirth within cyclic existence in the human-, demigod-, or god realm

The path shared with persons who have the medium scope motivation (striving for liberation of cyclic existence)
- The truth of suffering (in cyclic existence in general, including the favourable rebirths)
- The truth of the causes of suffering (the afflictive emotions, especially ignorance)
- The truth of cessation (there is a state that is free of suffering and its origins)
- The truth of paths (the way to attain this state free of suffering and its causes by practising ethics, concentration and wisdom)

Another presentation of the middle scope subjects is the presentation of the 12 links of dependent arising

The training in the medium scope path will lead to the development of the wish to be liberated from all un-free rebirths in cyclic existence through the power of afflictive emotions
The path of persons who have the high scope motivation(striving for complete buddhahood)
- the advantages of the mind of enlightenment (the wish to become a buddha for the welfare of all sentient beings)

- the way to develop the mind of enlightenment
- the 7 point instruction of seeing all sentient beings as your mothers (from previous lives and contemplating their kindness towards you)
- the instruction on how to exchange your self-interest for others-interest (by looking at the drawbacks of self cherishing and the advantages of cherishing others)

- the way to train your mind after developing the mind of enlightenment
- training in the perfection of generosity
- training in the perfection of ethics
- training in the perfection of patience
- training in the perfection of joyful effort
- training in the perfection of concentration
- training in the perfection of wisdom